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You can count on A2Z Realty to handle all  of your residential  investment property and Community Association needs.

“…service is both timely and thorough…you know your market and business—no guessing!” M.P. Investment Property Owner

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Joel Duvall, President

Joel has leadership experience in all facets of Property Management and Business Administration. He first owned and operated his own retail stores. He moved on to manage both the property and the administrative offices of a Research Triangle Park Laboratory. An entrepreneur at heart, Joel began to invest in rental properties. In 1995 Joel's investments inspired him to get a Real Estate License. By 1999, Joel saw a demand for good Property Managers in Chapel Hill and A2Z Realty was born. For more than 20 years he's managed a rental portfolio that has grown to over 250 properties and several Homeowners' Associations. He also lists and sells Real Estate for personal homes and property investment.

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